Alexander Szwed       



Actor / Singer 



Ht: 5’11”    Wt: 165       Hair: Brown, Dirty Blonde    Eyes: Brown      Voice: Baritone



Theatre                          Characters                                                                                             Directors

Medea                             Runner                                       CCSU Davidson Hall Theatre     Adam Cormier

Jesus Hates Me               Boone                                        CCSU Davidson Hall Theatre     Dana O’neil

Dollhouse                        Dr. Damien Rank                      Black Box Theatre                       Jan Mason

Last Days of Kajetan      Joseph                                        CCSU Davidson Hall Theatre     Patryk Mathieus

A Winter’s Tale              Prince Florizel, The Marshal      Black Box Theatre                      Thom Delventhal

“Carrie” the musical     Mr. Stephens, Interrogator        Black Box Theatre                      Ed Wierzsbicki

Othello                            Montano, Attendant                   University of Saint Joseph's     Capital Classics Theatre, Mike Nowicki

We Won't Pay, We Won't Pay, Luigi                                   CCSU Blackbox Theatre            Jan Mason


The Last Americans      Danny “Avalanche”                    R2 Pictures, LLC                      Ricky Telesca, Producer

CBIA Commericial         Bill, Employee, Father               The Union Productions          Dustin Schultz 

Education and Training 

Central Connecticut State University Acting Performance                                  

Acting I, II, III                                 Chekhov Technique, Stanislavski, Meisner                              Joshua Perlstein

Theatre Improv                           Theatre Games                                                                             Thom Delventhal

Shakespearean Production       Iambic Pentameter Language, Monologues, Scenes             Thom Delventhal

Voice Development                    IPA, Expressionism, Voice Work, Poems                                   Thom Delventhal

High-Impact Theatre                  Boal, Forum Theatre                                                                     Joshua Perlstein

Contemporary Dance                Martha Graham Technique                                                          Stephen Hanky



Shakespeare Scene Demonstrations                              Kingswood Oxford

Improvisation Workshops                                                Sea Tea Improv Group

Voice Over Workshop                                                        CCSU

Alexander Sovronsky Shakespeare Workshop              CCSU 



Ice Hockey (22 years Experience), Lacrosse (15 years Experience), Golf (20 years Experience), Recreational Experience in basketball, soccer, football, gymnastics

Accents (southern), Stage Combat, Improvisation (short term or long term), Weight Training/Body Building, Coaching (lacrosse, hockey),

We Won't Pay, We Won't Pay by Dario Fo

Directed by Jan Mason

Blackbox Theatre CCSU

Character: Luigi

DollHouse by Theresa Rebeck

Directed by Jan Mason

Blackbox Theatre CCSU

Character: Dr. Damien Rank

A Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare

Directed by Thom Delventhal

Blackbox Theatre CCSU 

Characters: The Marshall, Prince Florizel 

Carrie The Musical

Upcoming: April 2016

Director: Edward Wierzbicki

Character: Mr. Stephens and Interrogator

The Last Days of Kajetan

Feburary 2015

Director: Patryk Mathieus

Character: Joseph

Jesus Hates Me

October 2014

Director: Dana O'neil

Character: Boone