TH 146 High Impact Theatre

Why I do theatre TED Talk about the impact of theatre by Patsy Rotenburg 

What good acting looks like... Dramatic scenes from some of the most talented and most dedicated actors...

PE 420 Motor Development

Why teachers need to likable Ted Talk on the impact of teachers

What every parent should know An important take on motor development milestones of children by Corey Wasserman 

EDF 415-70 Educational Foundations

What is education about? TED Talk about the harsh poetic life teenage life. Speaker (Malcolm London)

The problem with the system 'The True Cost' is a documentary portraying the atrocities of consumerism and corporations. 

PE 222 Yoga

The duality of modern life TED talk about how people can get caught up in the rush of modern life by Carl Honore

Yoga Journal Update your knowledge about yoga with the newest journals and info